Qualification & Membership Process

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Rotary Membership Qualifications

To qualify for Rotary membership, you should be (at least) one of the following:

  • A proprietor, partner, corporate officer, or manager of any worthy and recognized business or profession; or
  • Hold an important position in any worthy and recognized business or profession or any branch or agency thereof and have the executive capacity with discretionary authority; or
  • Retired from any position listed above.
  • Or anyone that would like to give back to the community.

Our Rotary Membership Process

  • Learn about Rotary: Join us for a meeting, check out our website and/or talk with Rotarians to determine if our club is the right fit for you.
  • Connect with a Rotarian, at the meeting, for coffee or just meet them for lunch and ask them to sponsor your application.
  • Completed our application. Applying for membership is not a guarantee of acceptance to our Alexandria Central Rotary Club.
  • All applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee and Board of Directors.  Within a few weeks, we will contact you and notify your application status.

Ready To Become a Rotarian?

Please complete our Rotary Membership Application.

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