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The Rotary Club of Alexandria Central Foundation is the arm of our club that facilitates charitable and community works that have characterized this Rotary organization for decades. The key to our success is, obviously, our people and the adherence to our goals and vision:

  • To promote Peace
  • Fighting Disease
  • Providing Clean Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene
  • Saving Mothers and Children
  • Support Education
  • Growing Local Economies

Through our fund-raising efforts (Sip for Saints and Crabs & Suds), Alexandria Central Rotarian’s uses the proceeds from our two major events, donations received and other sources to distribute grants and funding of benefit to those charities in the Alexandria community, the surrounding area and all over the world. The Alexandria Central Foundation board of directors consists of the Rotary Club’s board of directors. Its funding priorities are established by the members of the Alexandria Central Rotary Club. The Alexandria Central Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and donations it receives may be deductible for tax purposes.

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