James Page – Rotary Guest Speaker

James Page – Rotary Guest Speaker

Page after Page Business Systems, Inc.  (“Page after Page”) has been the Konica-Minolta (Xerox) (HP) Document Management/Office Printing management and Service equipment industry since February 14, 1991.  The business was started by James V. Page after his Honorable (Disable Service Connected) Discharge from the United States Navy and shortly after working as a full time employee for IBM for over five years.  Starting from less than $7,500 (after a new account bounced a check to James to become his first and might have been last customer, James recovered and opened a small office on Rhode Island Avenue in Washington, D.C.  Later, the company moved to an office in the Chinatown area (DC) where he earned enough revenue to purchase a 30 year old established dealership license from Konica Minolta in 2000, authorizing Page after Page the full line of training, service, parts and supplies directly from XEROX, HP and Konica-Minolta Dealer Wholesale.

The ownership, management, and structure of Page After Page have been consistent since its founding.  James Page has retained full ownership from the first day the company opened its doors.  The sales and servicing staff have been in place for over 20 years.  That consistency, in the area of staffing, has helped the company form solid relationships with clients and wins over 30 million in sales and services.   Just recently, the company was given a Top Secret (FCL) clearance by the federal government (United States Commerce, Justice Department and USAID).

The company’s business activities have undergone several changes. In 2019, the company became an authorized GSA Konica Minolta dealer with the acquisition of Old Dominion Office Systems.  The upward swing in business, resulting from that acquisition, created more jobs in the region and local District of Columbia area, Virginia and outside with a national reach in all 50 states and territories, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska and Guam.  With the new creation of Page Global the company has made turned the corner into the Cyber Security space, becoming more technological in nature.  Document support, document management,  3D print technology, A/I Driven Technology and  Drone robotics future opportunities are some of the technological changes that have been integral in moving the business forward.    Winning Awards from Harvard University (ICCI), Inc 5000 and voted President of his local Civic Center in 2015 still holds the title of past president of High View Park (Halls Hill).  James also sits on the advisory board for the National Region Salvation Army, Member of Alexandria Symphonic Orchestra (ASO).  Board member   (Anacostia Coordinating Council Association) ACCA a member, a board member of the District of Chamber of Commerce, recently selected to become one of 50 picked representatives of the class of 2020 Leadership Arlington and a past member of  EO Executive Officer/ Entrepreneur’s National Organization and Cadre’.

Note:  A Winner of a National Contract to host the National Baptist Convention National Harbor 2020.

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