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Awareness Raising and Advocacy through Young Ambassadors to End Digital Violence


Campaign Objective: Raise $20,000 to empower young leaders and champion digital safety through a comprehensive awareness campaign and advocacy.

Funds Raised Will Support:

Awareness Raising: Create informative events and materials to educate young students about the evolving threats of digital violence and equip them with tools to navigate the online world safely. Activities include, Digital Awareness Festival, Social Media campaign, dissemination of Advocacy Resources by facilitating the publication of The Inner Journey Journal: Explore Mental Wellness Through Journaling, serving as a valuable resource for individuals and organizations working to combat digital threats.

Empowering Young Advocates: Capacity-Building for Young Leaders by investing in events and potential travel expenses to equip young leaders with the skills and knowledge to advocate for legislative and technological solutions to curb digital violence. 

Impacts of Achieving This Goal

Measurably Increase Public Awareness: Through targeted campaigns, we aim to significantly raise young students’ consciousness about the dangers of digital violence and empower individuals to protect themselves.

Cultivate a Force for Change: By equipping young leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge, we will cultivate a powerful force for advocacy, driving legislative and technological advancements to promote online safety.

Promote Collaborative Solutions: The project fosters collaboration between young advocates, technology companies, and lawmakers to establish effective safeguards against digital violence.


Please support our goal of raising awareness and driving advocacy to end Digital Violence by donating today!

View our Digital Awareness Festival video >> (passcode: TdnCD*0f)

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Alexandria City High School Interact Club News


Celebrating a New Interact Club Induction: Alexandria City High School Welcomes 46 Interactors

Monday, November 20, 2023

On a vibrant Monday evening, the Rotary Club of Alexandria Central, in collaboration with Alexandria City High School (ACHS), sponsored a momentous Interact Induction Ceremony. The event, hosted at ACHS, witnessed the official initiation of 46 enthusiastic new Rotary Interact members, each solemnly sworn in by District 7610’s District Governor (DG) Rene Laws.

View Instagram video produced by our talented Interactors: 

 The Ceremony Unfolded

The proceedings commenced with the resonant recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, led by ACHS Interact President Nour Khachnaoui. Ms. Lisa Farmer, ACHS Interact Advisor, took the stage, introducing esteemed Rotary Officers: Fitsum Habtemarian, President of the Rotary Club of Alexandria Central, Dr. Angela Contee, District 7610 Interact Chair, Mr. James Holcombe from District 7610 Interact and Assistant Governor Dr. Elisabeth Johnson.
Dr. Angela Contee expressed pride and honor in welcoming the young individuals on their journey to contribute goodwill to their community and country. She highlighted the added benefits of fostering strong bonds locally and globally, along with opportunities for leadership and professional skill development. 

The room buzzed with excitement as the 46 students stepped forward to accept their certificates. The Board of Directors was introduced, emphasizing the pivotal role these young leaders would play in ensuring the success and continuity of the new Interact Club:

Each Interactor was presented with an Interact pin, symbolizing their membership and commitment to service.
The ceremony concluded with the recital of the Four-Way Test, a reminder of the principles guiding Rotarians in their personal and professional lives. The celebration extended into a vibrant reception party, fostering camaraderie among the newly initiated members.

A Vision Fueled by Sponsorship
The Alexandria City High School (ACHS) Interact Induction was made possible through the generous sponsorship of The Rotary Club of Alexandria Central. The overarching objective is clear: to promote community service and encourage greater international understanding among these emerging young leaders.
Sponsorship Areas Include:

In addition to the Interact Club's planned activities, the District Interact Programs offer a plethora of opportunities, including competitions (Art, Music…), RYLA, Student Exchange, and more.

Let's come together to develop leadership skills for young people while discovering the power of Service Above Self.